Monday, 26 February 2018

3 Steps To Fix Can't Connect To Camera On Android Phones

Have you ever try opening your android phone camera and it giving a error saying "Can't Connect To Camera", This has happen to so many people especially you want to snap in a public place and it giving you this type of error. It is frustrating though.

This error is common on Android devices such as Samsung, Gionee, Xiaomi, Tecno, Infinix amongst others. This problem is mostly caused by other applications running in the background.but today i will be showing you steps to fix this error.

STEP 1(One) 
Just reboot your Android phone. It should be fixed. But if it doesn't fix it, try method two.

STEP 2 (Two)
Go To Phone Settings >> Apps >> Swipe left to All

 Scroll down to Camera and tap on it

>>You can now open your Camera without any error. If the error still persist, try Step 3 (three) Method.


>> Download Camera Fix CM Apk – Playstore>> Launch the app and tap on Restart camera to fix the issue. (Root needed).

I am sure, the problem will be fixed. In some case, If cleared Camera data, force stopped it and rebooted the device. The error might disappeared after that.

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