Saturday, 6 January 2018

Airtel Caps Free Facebook Service at 20MB Daily

It is so sad that Airtel ended year 2017 by scrapping off her unlimited data packages, and they're starting this new year with another new update. They Just placed 20 MB {Megabyte} daily limit for accessing Free Facebook service.

Before, All Airtel users could chat, react and comment, view status on friends posts without data and airtime using the Free Facebook mode. But According to this image below all Airtel users will be given 20 MB daily only to access free facebook service.
The SMS reads: “Dear customer, pls be informed that Free Facebook service is now capped at 20MB daily. For Unlimited Facebook experience, dial *141# to activate a data.”
Wow Very sad, Once you exhaust the free 20MB, you won't be able to chat or do anything else on Facebook until the next day where you'll be given another 20MB or you subscribe to their facebook data plan.. 9Mobile is a good alternative too, as they also offers Free Facebook service. But we hope they don't follow Airtel's footsteps.
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