Monday, 16 April 2018

Get 1GB Free Data Daily for 365 Days on Smile 4G LTE

Today i will be telling you that Smile communication has just announced yet another offer to its users to bring back their old user who has  dumped their sim for up to 3 months or more than.

Smile Communications provides 4G LTE  mobile broadband in several countries in Africa. Smile network is SuperFast mobile broadband internet and SuperClear voice services in each of our markets and to provide over 300 million potential customers in our countries of operation with a fast, reliable and high-quality broadband internet to accelerate development and wealth creation.Smile runs on band 20 (800mhz), and has its network available in some states in Nigeria.

Smile NG is giving out free 1GB data daily for 365 days, making it 365 GB in total. I think this a way to get her users back on the network. Get your own Smile 4G sim card that you haven't used for 90 days or more, subscribe to a minimum of 500MB data plan and above and automatic you get your free 1GB 

You can use it to browse your favorite sites, download, stream and many more, No restrictions. 

Visit their Website for more Smile NG

How To Get 750MB Plus N1000 Airtime With Just N200 On 9mobile 2018

Hello everybody Am here to inform you that 9mobile has started giving out a free offer to some of their customers in Nigeria. this 9mobile offer allows you to get 20 times the value of your recharge and also give you data.
9mobile has started to push the message and notifications to all their eligible customers both existing and new users to activate this new offer.

If you receive a notification message saying ”if you recharge N100, you will get N500 airtime and 375MB data and also the recharge of N200 will give you N1,000 airtime and 750MB data” that means you are eligible for the offer so load the card and start enjoying
How To Check The Data Bonus And Airtime
You can always check your data balance by dialling*228# 
And check your airtime balance by dialling *232#.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

WhatsApp Introduces New Lock Recording Feature To WhatsApp beta version 2.18.102

WhatsApp is still adding new features and they are also making improvements to their old features. We saw some improvement such as Spam Filter Feature to stop the circulation of spam messages and Change Number Feature just to notify your contact that you now own a new number....

Now Whatsapp just release a new feature called Record Lock feature which is available on  WhatsApp beta version 2.18.102 . We all know before this update, one had to press and hold the microphone icon to record an audio before sending, but with the locked recording feature, you can record while navigating through your chats history once your audio is locked.

How to use the Feature

To access this feature, tap the “microphone” icon in the WhatsApp chat and in a blink of an eye, a new UI will be displayed on your screen, showing a locked microphone button. Simply slide it up with your finger to enable the lock recording. Once enabled, you won't need to hold down the microphone button before recording your voice message.

Check below image:

More New feature are coming which will enable you to listen to you voice record before sending it.  STAY TUNED AND COMMENT

source: WABetaInfo

Thursday, 5 April 2018

How To Boost Your Glo Network Connection Speed with this Easy APN Config Settings

As We all know that Glo is naturally slow in almost all locations. The browsing speed is really very bad and so frustrating even with full network bars. So i don't need to talk too much, With this simple APN settings that I will drop here now, with an immediate effect you would notice an increase in speed when browsing with your Glo sim.


Step 1: Go to Settings in your phone and Tap on Mobile Network then click Network Operators

 Step 2: Then tap on Access Point Names, In the list, tap on gloflat

Step 3: Then scroll down and tap on “Bearer (Unspecified)” option.

Step 4: Tick these list of networks (LTE, HSPAP, HSPA, HSUPA, HSD PA). 

Note: If your phone does not support 4G, do not tick “LTE” and After that, save the settings and you are done. You would notice the increase in speed when browsing with your Glo sim. If it worked for you, please let us know in the comment below.

Download YouTube Vanced, Ad Free And More Features

Some YouTube ads can be annoying, It is very bad when watching movie or any YouTube video and you started senng ads at the beging or Middle of the video.So set of app developer have develop a app that can block the ads when ever you are watching video and the app is called YouTube Vanced which lets users play YouTube videos without showing any Advertisements.

This app has cool featres on it such as:

  • Blocking all YouTube ADs (some options are togglable)
  • Background playback feature
  • Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa
  • Override Max Resolution
  • Set preferred Video quality
  • Pinch to Zoom on all devices E.T.C
Download YouTube Vanced apk here, and explore more features and options in Vanced settings. 

Microsoft fixes old bug in calculator

Microsoft has fixed a decade-old issue in the Windows Calculator, according to a report by SoftpediaThis bug has been around for many years, and one report was posted on Microsoft’s Community forums in 2010 when the current version of Windows was Windows 7. Given that the library used by the Calculator didn’t change, the bug is still there in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Windows 10 Redstone 5 build 17639 is the one bringing this bugfix and this bug was reported as the issue is known as the “square root of perfect square” bug, and resulted in incorrect answers in certain situation.

For Example:  Calculating the square root of 4, then subtracting 2 and the answer should be 0, but the Windows Calculator sometimes gives the wrong answer, due to what Microsoft claims to be arbitrary precision arithmetic library”.

Monday, 2 April 2018

How To Get up to ₦500 Free Airtime Daily Using Opera News app

Hello everyone, last week i post about mcent free airtime app that gives airtime when streaming internet, and it is still working fine and many people are enjoying it but today i will be showing you how to get up to ₦500 free airtime daily using opera news ....

I this  is a competition betweent this two apps MCENT And OPERA NEWS but their function of giving out airtime is different .. There are many other apps like this which I make use of, and ever since I started using them, I've never worried about money for data subscriptions or airtime since I get them for free.

How can I earn free airtime using Opera News?

Opera News offers free N25 airtime when you first download the app and when you refer a friend to do the same, you get free N50 airtime while your friend gets N25. So if you can just refer 10 friends in a day, that'll give you a bogus N500 which can be used to subscribe, call or text.

Get started now!
To start earning free airtime, just download Opera News here, install it and start referring people using a referral link that'll given to you.

How To Cast Your Android Mobile Phone Screen to PC Laptop

Hello Everyone and am here Wishing you all happy Easter, Today i will be showing you how to sucessfull cast you phone screen to your PC..

First of all you phone must be connected to your pc Using the same WIFI so that  it can stream your pictue and sound wit your PC...
Let cut the long story short, this below video shows you how to Cast an Android Mobile Cell Phone to a PC & Laptop Computer running Windows 10. it is very goodl if you want to share pictures & videos on a larger screen or if you want to share what you are viewing on your Virtual Reality Headset with others in the room to make it more sociable. It will stream the picture and sound but before that the phone you watn to use will need to be connected via WiFi to the same network as the laptop or PC you want to stream to. Your Laptop and PC can be connected via Ethernet as long as it is the same network (same Router) as the WiFi your mobile cell phone is connected to.


Friday, 30 March 2018

Specs Of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leaked With Big Battary and Lot More

Samsung, The South Korean company has alreadly started building Samsung Galaxy Note 9 standing as an upgrade to Galaxy Note 8 Lunched Last year . According to Korean news outlet The Investor, which claims the Galaxy Note 9 may be released as soon as July or early August.

In Terms Of Performance

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is likely come running on 6GB RAM plus 128GB of inbuilt storage. For image duties, it will come as a surprise if the South Korean company brings a camera that's better than the excellent S9+ dual shooter. Furthermore, latest report points that the device will have a 20% larger battery than its predecessor, unlike the S9 and S9+ which packs the same battery capacity just like the S8 and S8+. it's still unclear whether the smartphone will sport a in-display finger scanner, or the usual one mounted on the back..Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will accompany a 3850mAh battery, more loaded than the 3300mAh unit on the Note 8. Additionally, they allege that Samsung's upcoming S-Pen warrior will feature in-display finger scanner.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

How To Save Offline YouTube Video In My Gallery

Hello Everyone, Today I will be showing you how to save offline YouTube video in gallery. Most people ask this same question How do I save my offline YouTube video in my gallery?

  1. Open the video in any browser/YouTuber app.
  2. Copy the URL (from web address bar) or (if from YouTube mobile app, then click on share option and select copy link address)
  3. Go to savefrom .net
  4. Paste the URL.
  5. Select the video quality.
  6. Download will start automatically.

Still any queries ? Comment below, We are here to help. !!

How can I make free calls Using an Android phone?

Let just jump into discussion, In this days I think they are slot of apps that you can use you make free calls on you android phone without stress....

We can Also consider the Google Talk.In that Only one Person Should Need a Internet connection. Other one May not. You can Call them By Dialling their Mobile Number. International Mobile Calls At Lowest Rate, More especially for people here in Nigeria. You want to call your friend or family member in another country and you don't have enough money or airtime to call him/her directly from your phone this apps is good at that and Now a days Everyone have Whatsapp and With Whatsapp call the calling between two Whatsapp number is Absolutely free. But It cannot achieve If only one have android mobile. But using Hangout Dialer you can achieve this...

There are number of apps for android on which you can make free calls (Data is needed):
1. Jio Chat
2. Hike
3. WhatsApp
Best 3 Video Call Apps For Android Mobile

1. Imo messenger, video call.
2. Vibe messenger and Video call.
3. Vonage mobile video call.
We Listed the Most Tested and Hand Picked Apps For Video Call Apps, They are Tested By Most of the Users and Developing Sites. Just because when it come to Video Call apps,The Best App Should Give at least a Low quality Video Call Even if it connected to the Low Bandwidth Mobile Data even if Its Say Connect With 4G Only..

I thinks this article is helpful, Kindly share us....

How To Change Voice During a Call

Hello, Good day to all tendwappers both old member and new, How do I change my voice during a call? Did you this there is any apps that can be used to change your voice  during call..

We can agree tech is yet to be improved/developed. If you want to change your voice it is presumed to be for entertainment, to prank you friends in general for fun. There is a app called The Free Celebrity Changer App and Many of them. It’s hilarious.
Check it out how it looks like to change voice during call in this video.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Top 9 Facts you Need to Know About TSTV SASSY Decoder

TSTV Breaking into internet again after a long time silent with the launch of its new decoder Called Sassy decoder . It is set to go on sale from April 1st, and as the date is fast approaching, a lot of people have been asking for the features, channels, subscription, bouquet packages, internet data, etc., of TSTV Sassy decoder.
Please NOTE TSTV now own two decoder called Dexterity and Sassy. And this are the to 9 (Nine) Fact you Ned to know about SASSY DECODER 

1. You can pay for your TSTV Sassy Decoder subscription plan using Quickteller platform.
2. TSTV Sassy decoder will cost only ₦3500, with a dish and remote.
3. Sassy decoder has up to 70+ Channel
4. TStv Sassy decoder comes with Pause subscription feature.
5. You can pause your subscription for only seven days, And also you get days grace period after your sub has expired.
6. Thus, Pause Subscription is only available for 1 month subscription plan
7. The Sassy decoder comes with PVR Function to record videos and play later; you won't miss your favorite programmes/shows with this.
8. TSTV daily subscription fee cost just ₦200, 3 days subscription is priced at ₦500, and weekly subscription goes for ₦750.
9. TSTV Sassy decoder is not internet enabled, hence, you won’t be getting the free 20GB promised.
TStv Sassy is a Pay as you Go (PAYG) operated decoder And also the lower grade of Dexterity.
Kindly share this post and comment if you facing any problems stay tuned we will update you more on TSTV Sassy decoder

How To Get 4GB Using Airtel 4GLTE In Lagos

Few weeks ago Airtel lunched it's 4GLTE service In some state in Nigeria Such as :Ogun state and Ibadan and now it has been rolled out to Lagos State Nigeria..

So all subscribers in Lagos can enjoy Airtel 4GLTE in Lagos State Subscribers in Ibadan has been enjoying this service since February and have testified that the speed is very impressive. So other states like Kano, Port Harcourt, Abuja and some other states should be expecting the service it will be extended to them as soon as possible .
If you are in Lagos, you can now get your Airtel 4G LTE sim with free 4GB of data after activation. Below are what you should take note of about the new Airtel 4G service.
  • »»You’ll require a sim swap inorder to be able to access Airtel 4G LTE service.
  • »»Walk into any Airtel office near you with a valid means of identification to carryout your sim swap. 2
  • »»Airtel 4G LTE network supports Band 3 (1800MHz) which almost all 4G enabled Android devices are using 3
  • »»Airtel is giving out a 4GB bonus data to everyone who activates 4G service 4.
  • »»The 4GB data is usable on 4G network only. 5
  • To check your balance dial *140#

NOTE :Airtel 4G operates on Band 3 (1800MHz) which almost all 4G enabled Android devices are using

Thursday, 22 March 2018

List Of Smartphones Rocking Quick Charge 4.0/4.0+

Quick Charge 4.0/4.0+ is one of the best technologies currently available for lightning-fast charging in phones, and since a bigger battery take more time to be full, this software was designed to guarantee  all users 100% charge within few minutes.

Quick Charge 4.0/4.0+ was lunch to help big battery to become full in few minute in case you don t have much time to charge or you going for a meeting and your phone need to be charged but With Quick Charge 4.0, your phone can reach up to 50% of battery charge in just 15 minutes, and also with  just 5 minutes of charge your  device can get up to 5 hours of talk time. but not all phones support Quick Charge 4/4+, despite the fact that it has been around for over a year; most devices are still stuck with the older Quick charge 3.0.

According to Qualcomm, the manufacturer of Quick Charge,This are the list of devices that (will) feature(s) QC 4.0/4.0+, they include:

  • Razer Phone, which will run version 4.0+
  • ZTE Nubia is compatible with Quick charge 4
  • The upcoming and flagship LG G7 will likely sport QC 4.0

What did you think to use a phone which lasts up to 3days on a single charge, then when low, it takes just few minutes to get back to 100%. I thin
k it very Sweet and Okay.
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